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1. Assessment

Get ready for a super fun quiz all about you! Our short quiz helps us get to know you better so we can create an awesome customized weight loss plan. We’ll ask some q’s about your current weight, health history, favorite foods, and weight loss goals. No need to stress – this isn’t a test! Think of it as a way for us to become new BFFs!
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2. Consultation

You did amazing on the quiz – now it’s time to meet your personal weight loss consultant! During this 30 minute virtual consultation, one of our clinicians will review your quiz results with you to gain more insights into your health goals. This is your chance to discuss medications, medical conditions, and anything else relevant to creating your customized weight loss plan.

3. Customized Plan

Now comes the exciting part – selecting your personalized weight loss program! Based on the thorough consultation, we will present you with plan options that match your needs and preferences. This includes choosing your desired prescription medication and dose, with physician approval, to boost your weight loss. You’ll also choose your program’s duration to align with your weight targets and timeline.
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4. Get Medication

Woo-hoo, it’s time to kickstart your weight loss journey! Once we confirm your prescription, we’ll rush ship your custom-selected medication straight to your doorstep. How convenient is that? You’ll get simple instructions so you can start taking your medication properly and safely right away. As you embark on this exciting phase, remember our caring team is here to answer any medication questions, provide daily support, and help you succeed.

When you reset your metabolism living healthy will follow.